University of Florida

2016-2017 District Directors


1 Prudence Caskey
2 Jena Brooks
3 Marcus Boston
4 Jessica Cooper
5 Shaina Spann
6 Crystal McCazzio
7 Ashley Stewart
8 Jessica Sprain
9 Brandi Yancey
10 Debbie Clements
11 Darren
12 Tish Roland
13 vacant  
 14 Stacey Ellison

Director Responsibilities

Directors shall serve a two year term. Directors from even numbered 4-H districts will be elected in even years, and directors from odd numbered districts will be elected in odd years. Directors will be elected by ballot as are the other officers. Directors will be elected only from members of their districts.

  • Ensure that agents in their district with 4-H responsibilities pay their dues on time.
  • Contact and encourage new 4-H agents to join FAE4-HA.
  • Determining FAE4-HA’s role in their district’s retirement parties, flowers, cards for personal occasions, etc.
  • Conduct District Agent meetings when applicable and serve as members of the membership committee.
  • Directors from the districts to be reelected (odd or even) will serve on the nominating committee.
  • Submit written reports from their district at the winter and summer board meetings and at the September General Membership Meeting (reports should focus on personal information and not so much programmatic information of each district).

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