University of Florida

FAE4-HA Committees

 Committee Assignments

  Standing Committees
Chair Ashley Stewart

Kalen Agers, Laura Valencia

Chair Becky Bennett
Members Laura Valencia, Nicole Walker, Shaumond Scott, Elver Pardo
Description Ensure that diversity is an on-going part of 4-H youth development
  Member Services/Awards
Chair Jessica Cooper
Members Ashley Stewart, Kalen Agers, Amanda Squitieri, Georgene Bender, Angel Granger,  Niki Crawson, Neva Baltzell, Cindy Higgins,  Debbie Clements, Elver Pardo
Description Coordinate awards that are part of FAE4-HA & NAE4-HA: Special Awards, Communicator Awards, DSA/ASA/MSA/25 year
Chair Geralyn Sachs
Members All district directors
Description Recruit new members, encourages membership renewals, maintain (with assistance of association treasurer) updated membership list
Chair Heather Janney
Description Seek qualified candidates and nominations for open officers and director positions, and insure voting ballot is to membership prior to annual meeting
  Policy & Resolution and By-Laws
Chair Neva Baltzell
Description Review, research, discuss, and make recommendations on association policy issues, assist with updating policy handbook
  Professional Development
Chair Crystal McCazzio

Sarah Hensley

Description Advance professional status of Extension personnel, provide professional improvement opportunities for members
Chair Kristie Popa

Shaina Bennett, Marnie Ward

Description Help members share educational materials, techniques & methods, address youth program issues
  Public Relations & Information
Chair Debbie Nistler
  Research & Evaluation
Chair Matt Benge
Members Laura Cash, Bridgete McKenna, Heather Kent
Description Serves as link to NAE4-HA Research & Evaluation Committee. Provides feedback to FAE4-HA membership on current youth development research and evaluation. Assists with evaluation of FAE4-HA meetings.
  Julie Pigott Dillard