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Professional Awards

Follow all guidelines and submission instructions to avoid disqualification. 

You must be a current paid member of both FAE4-HA and NAE4-HA to apply for all awards.

New & Renewing Members - Must pay dues by November 1, 2017.

Membership Awards & Scholarships

State and National Awards

FAE4-HA State Awards

FAE4-HA State Awards are recognized on the state level only and do not advance to regional or national competition. 

FAE4-HA State Award Guidelines
FAE4-HA State Awards Application MS Word

Email submissions to:  Jessica Altum Cooper
**Please attach a read receipt and wait for confirmation that it was received

  • Send complete application and attachments together in ONE EMAIL by March 1, 2018, midnight.
  • Young Professional Award - nominated, 2-4 years of service
  • Literature Award - up to 5 presented
  • Search for Program Excellence - up to 5 presented
  • Friend of 4-H
  • Outstanding Specialist

NAE4-HA Awards

2018 NAE4-HA Awards Guidelines

2018 NAE4-HA Awards Link for Submissions (Communicator and Specialty) opens January 15

NAE4-HA Communicator Awards
ONLINE submission
Questions?  Angel Granger

  • Priority deadline: February 13, 2018 midnight
    *All award subcategories with less than 1 submission will be reopened for entries from February 15-March 1, 2018.
  • Educational Package
  • Educational Piece
  • Exhibit/Display
  • Feature Story
  • Media Presentation
  • News Story
  • Periodical Publication
  • Personal Column
  • Promotional Package
  • Promotional Piece
  • Published Photo
  • Radio Program
  • Video Program

NAE4-HA Service Awards
EMAIL submission to Debbie Nistler

  • Due on or before February 13, 2018, midnight
  • ASA - member for 2 years prior to current, 3 - 7 years of service
  • DSA - member for 2 years prior to current, 7+ years of service
  • MSA - member for 4 years prior to current, 15+ years of service
  • 25 years - member for 4 years prior to current, excludes military time

NAE4-HA Specialty Awards
ONLINE submission
Questions?  Stephanie Conner

  • Priority deadline: February 13, 2018 midnight
    *All award categories with no submissions will be reopened for entries from February 15-March 1, 2018.
  • 4-H Military Partnership Award
  • Beyond Youth Leadership Award
  • Diversity Award
  • Educational Technology Award
  • Excellence in 4-H Club Support Award
  • Excellence in Teamwork Award
  • Excellence in Camping Award
  • Excellence in Natural Resources/Environmental Education Award
  • Greg Yost Memorial Youth in Leadership Award
  • World Citizenship in 4-H Youth Development Award
  • Search for Excellence in Teen Programming Award
  • Interactive 4-H Educational Web Site Award
  • Denise Miller National 4-H Innovator Award
  • Excellence in Urban 4-H Programming Award
  • Excellence in Animal Science Programming Award
  • Excellence in Global Citizenship Programming
  • Excellence in Communications & Expressive Arts Award
  • Excellence in Healthy Living Programming Award
  • Excellence in 4-H Volunteerism
  • Excellence in Geospatial Programs Award
  • Life Member Award

Member Service Committee

Chair: Jessica Altum Cooper

The Member Services Committee encourages you to take the time to apply for awards. This is an excellent way to promote yourself within your professional association.

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Past Submitted Award Examples