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The eighth annual meeting of the Grand Council, Epsilon Sigma Phi, was held at the Stevens Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, November 12, 1933. The Grand Council held an 'open house' for the annual luncheon with more than 100 guests attending. The Alpha Sigma Chapter of Wisconsin served as the host chapter. They rendered a series of most interesting songs and stunts, one of which was a Greeting Song, Epsilon Sigma Phi, with words and music by T. L. Bewick, a member of Alpha Sigma Chapter and the Boys' and Girls' Club Leader for Wisconsin. It is a beautiful melodious harmony with a lilt to it and worthy of being sung at every chapter meeting.

--Excerpts from Epsilon Sigma Phi Yearbook, 1933.

ESP Greeting Song

When we gather in friendly communion,

Let's salute Epsilon Sigma Phi

With a song that may weld into union,

A friendship that never will die.

For we know that when singing together

All the clouds disappear from the sky

So let's sing tho' it's stormy the weather

Hail to thee Epsilon Sigma Phi.

Now appeareth some travelers before us

Whom a decade of service have seen

They are tried and true ones of the order

Who seek entrance thru what they have been.

Let's arise and bid welcome the strangers

Touch their hearts and put light in their eyes

Bid them welcome to all our dominion

Hail to Thee Epsilon Sigma Phi.

Click here to download a pdf copy of the sheet music!

Click here to download a mp3 file of the song as produced by a quintet of singers from Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music:

  • Loralee Culbert, soprano
  • Hannah Stephens, alto
  • Danny (Zhizhong) Xie, tenor
  • Kyle Barker, bass
  • Aaron (Jun Wei) Yong, bass

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